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“description”: “Watch live Faza TV from Afghanistan, featuring serials, movies and more, all dubbed in Farsi and available 24/7 for free on Enjoy the best of Afghanistan’s entertainment with Faza TV!”,
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Faza tv live: Introduction

Faza tv is an online channel belonging to the Mobi Group, which also owns Tolo tv and Lemar tv. It is a kind of Netflix for Afghanistan (Khorasan). This channel is broadcast exclusively online. Faza tv broadcasts foreign films and series dubbed into Persian. In addition, this channel broadcasts music that is strictly forbidden in normal TV channels in Afghanistan under Taliban terrorist leadership.

Frequency Details of Faza tv

Satellite NameFrequencySystemSymbol RateFECGroupType
Al Yah 111938 HDVB-S2 8PSK275003/4Moby GroupFree

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