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Shabake Varzesh tv live: Introduction

Shabake Varzesh is the second most popular TV station in Iran after IRIB 3 tv. The word Varzesh stands for sports in Persian. And as the name suggests, this channel is all about sporting events. The TV channel was launched on July 18, 2012. This TV channel is managed by Iran Broadcasting Corporation. This network is managed by Sina Motazadi. The channel broadcasts some sports competitions that take place in Iran and around the world. Since November 9, 2019, the channel’s programs are also broadcast in FHD format and HEVC codec via terrestrial and satellite receivers.

Varzesh tv HD live Stream

This network is broadcast in most regions of Iran via digital transmitters in the ultra-high frequency band. In addition, the programs of this network are broadcast via Badr 5 satellite in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. However, soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis and other sports games can only be broadcast live via digital channels inside Iran, as the right to broadcast the games via satellite frequencies instead of live is not respected. Various sports and sports documentaries are broadcast.Watching programs from this sports channel network is free of charge. This network is active 24 hours a day. The programs of this network are also broadcast free of charge via the Internet and the TV website.

Varzesh tv Iran most popular Programs

  • Football 120 (فوتبال ۱۲۰ )
  • Football nights (شب‌های فوتبالی)
  • Lezate Football (لذت فوتبال)
  • Cup 22(2جام 2)
  • + Varzesh (مثبت ورزش)
  • world of sport(دنیای ورزش)

Live Sport Broadcast Schedule on Varzesh tv

19.04.202310:30 p.m Inter - Benfica Varzish tvEuropean Champions League
18.04.202310:30 p.m Napoli - AC Milan Varzish tvEuropean Champions League
17.04.202310:30 p.m Leeds - Liverpool Varzish tvEnglish Premier League
16.04.202321:00Wolfsburg - Bayer Leverkusen Varzish tvGerman Bundesliga
16.04.202319:00Nottingham Forest - Manchester United Varzish tvEnglish Premier League
16.04.20234:30 p.m West Ham - Arsenal Varzish tvEnglish Premier League
15.04.202310:30 p.m Cadiz - Real Madrid Varzish tvSpanish La Liga
15.04.202320:00Manchester City - Leicester City Varzish tvEnglish Premier League
15.04.202317:00Bayern Munich - Hoffenheim Varzish tvGerman Bundesliga
15.04.202315:00Aston Villa - Newcastle Varzish tvEnglish Premier League

Frequency Details of Varzish tv

Satellite NameFrequencySystemSymbol RateFECGroupType
Intelsat 3911555.00DVB-S300003/4IRIBFree

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