Are you a fan of soccer and looking for a reputable site to watch international soccer matches? Persiana Sport Live is the only resource you need. Viewers may see some of the most thrilling soccer matches from across the world via live streaming on thanks to this free TV channel.

Persiana Sport Live: What is it?

Soccer games are shown live on Persiana Sport Live, a free television station.
Viewers can watch matches live on thanks to the channel’s live streaming service, which is available without charging a subscription fee.

Persian (Farsi) commentary is provided during Persiana Sport Live broadcasts to allow viewers who speak the language to fully engage with the action.
You may watch the most recent games on Persiana Sport Live whether you’re a fan of La Liga, the Premier League, or Serie A.

Where Can I Watch Persiana Sport Live?

All you need to access Persiana Sport Live is a device that can connect to the internet and an internet connection. To start viewing soccer matches from all over the world, just go to and search for Persiana Sport Live. If you’re having trouble finding the channel, try searching for Persiana Sport TV, Persiana Sports HD Live, Persiana Sports HD, or Persiana Sports Live Stream.

Satellite NameFrequencySystemSymbol RateFECGroupType
MonacoSat 52.0° Ost10.762 MHzDVB-S27.500 kSym/s2/3Persiana CastFree

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