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Introduction: The Story Behind Afghanistan International Television

The Afghanistan International news channel is the subsidiary channel of Iran International. The channel was established in 2021 and its staff consists of Afghan journalists who lived in exile after the Taliban terrorists took power in Afghanistan. This channel is broadcast in Persian, the language of the majority population in Afghanistan, as over 85% of the population speaks Persian.

Programs: Afghanistan International tv Shows

Afghanistan International has a variety of broadcasts and programs. The main part of the broadcasts consists of news and news-related programs such as special interviews with politicians and political experts. Other topics that Afghanistan International deals with are culture, sports and music.

Here is a list of popular shows from Afghanistan International News Channel

  • Special interview (گفت‌وگوی ویژه)
  • The power of words (قدرت کلمات)
  • Valley of competition (وادی رقابت)
  • Breaking News Farsi (خبر ویژه)
  • Kalkin (کلکین)
  • Finally, the law (سرانجام، قانون)
  • Sport NEWS (خبر ورزشی)
  • point of view(دیدگاه)
  • Daily urge (بحث روز)
  • Valley of music (بوادی موسیقی)

Why Afghans are Tuning in to Afghanistan International Tv for their News

Since the Taliban terrorists seized power in Afghanistan, the media in Afghanistan has been massively brought into line. According to many reports, there are no free television stations left in Afghanistan. In such a situation, Afghanistan International is the alternative for the lack of free media and channels in Afghanistan. Afghanistan International reports without fear of being intimidated or attacked by the Taliban. This makes Afghanistan International very popular among the people of Afghanistan who are oppressed under the Taliban regime and have had no opportunity to have their voices heard.

Frequency Details of Afghanistan International tv

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