MBC Persia tv: Introduction

MBC Persia is a Persian language television network owned by the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC). It is headquartered in Dubai and broadcasts to the Persian-speaking world. MBC Persia is one of the largest networks in the Middle East and North Africa, reaching millions of viewers daily.

MBC Persia is a popular network among the Persian-speaking community, especially those who live outside Iran. The network’s website is available in both Persian and English, making it accessible to a wide range of viewers. In addition, MBC Persia also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, allowing viewers to stay connected with the latest news and updates from the network.

MBC Persia tv live: Programms

MBC Persia offers a variety of programs to its viewers, including news, entertainment, sports, and more. The network strives to bring its viewers the latest news and information, with an emphasis on regional and international news. MBC Persia also offers a wide variety of entertainment programs, such as movies, dramas, and sitcoms. The network also broadcasts a variety of sports programming, including football, tennis, and Formula One racing.

MBC Persia is committed to bringing quality and innovative content to its viewers. The network’s mission is to provide the best television experience in the Middle East and North Africa, and it strives to do so through its programming. MBC Persia is constantly introducing new shows and features, and it continues to expand its reach and influence in the region.

Frequency Details of MBC Persia tv

Satellite NameFrequencySystemSymbol RateFECGroupType
Eutelsat 7.0° East11.387 MHzDVB-S27.500 kSym/s5/6MBCFree

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