Shamshad tv Afghanistan: Introduction

Shamshad tv is a television station broadcasting from Afghanistan. This channel broadcasts mainly in Pashto (second language of Afghanistan after Farsi). It focuses on news, music and entertainment. This channel broadcasts news in two languages (Farsi and Pashto). Most of the viewers of this station are from southern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan who can speak Pashto. This channel has often been accused of spreading racism and fascism, as Shamshad Talkshow often invites Pashtun fascists who reject harmony and coexistence of different ethnic groups in Afghanistan and want everything for the Pashtuns (minority in Afghanistan).

Frequency Details of Shamshad tv

Satellite NameFrequencySystemSymbol RateFECGroupType
Al Yah 1 52.5°E12015 HDVB-S2/8PSK275003/4Afghan MuxFTA

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