In Southern California, Pars TV started broadcasting its Persian-language content in 1987. This 24-hour media outlet is currently a reputable and well-known Iranian media with millions of viewers worldwide.

The creator of Pars TV, Engineer Amir Shojai, worked for Iran’s state radio and television for ten years as a technical engineer and communication science specialist before immigrating to the United States.Pars TV presently offers its produced programs to viewers through Galaxy 19 satellite in the US and Canada, Hot Bird in Iran and Europe, and UBI Cable in Australia. Pars TV’s program makers have training and expertise in radio, television, and print media.

Additionally available on is programming from Pars TV. Pars TV, an Iranian media source part of a global network, preserves the principles of freedom-loving Iranians by spreading information, awareness, freedom, and human rights while aiming to develop democracy and implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Due to the support of its viewers and the monetary donations they made, Pars TV has expanded the scope of its operations. It seeks to advance both domestic and global recognition of Iranian history, culture, and beliefs by making use of the technologies at hand. With continued growth and success throughout time, Pars TV has risen to the top among Persian-language media outlets. For its efforts and ongoing service, it serves as both a capital and a national asset.

Satellite NameFrequencySystemSymbol RateFECGroupType
TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat10887 VDVB-S227500 2/3Free

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